Kasparaitis Ends His Career
- Kasparaitis

Kasparaitis Ends His Career

Dariuss Kasparaitis, a Lithuanian hockey player at the SKA in St. Petersburg, has completed his hockey career. Most likely, he will continue to work in a team system.

However, even before the start of this season, Kasparaitis suffered a road injury, due to which he has not played any games this season. Kasparaitis joined the SKA team in 2007, when he returned from 15 seasons in North America.

Kasparaitis has spent 14 seasons in the National Hockey League. Most of them, six seasons, in the Pittsburgh “Penguins” ranks. Kasparaitis has also played for the New York Rangers. In 1992, Kasparaitis became an Olympic champion while playing for the CIS national team, but in the 1998 and 2002 Olympic Games, representing the Russian national team, the hockey player won silver and bronze medals, respectively.

It will be recalled that until recently there were rumors that Darius might move to play as the AIK of Stockholm (his family lives in Stockholm) who had returned to scratch, but this information turned out to be incorrect.

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