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Masalskis To Minsk “Dynamo”

The main goalkeeper of Riga “Dinamo” and the Latvian hockey team Edgars Masaļskis will spend the next season in Minsk “Dinamo”, according to the information available at parsportu.lv.

Masalskis has not been able to agree with the “Dinamo” club on his salary, so he has decided to move to Belarus. However, strange things have been happening with the Minsk team lately, because several players are signing contracts here, here they are being broken again.

Thus, it has become clear that none of the goalkeepers in the team’s ranks will be in the team last year, because the Czech Martin Pruks has returned to his homeland, but Ervin Mushtukov, who was the team’s third goalkeeper, will play in England in the new season. According to the general manager Normunds Sējējs, “Dinamo” gates will be cemented next season by at least one North American goalkeeper.

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