"FC Blackpool" "Entices" Yevgeny Kosmachev
- FC Blackpool

“FC Blackpool” “Entices” Yevgeny Kosmachev

The English Championship League club “Blackpool” has made an offer to the Latvian national team and FC Ventspils midfielder Jevgenijs Kosmačevs. Now the ball is on the side of Ventspils and Kosmačeva.

At the end of last week, Kosmachev and another Ventspils footballer Alexander Solovyov came to the Blackpool test. Kosmachev was recognized as the most promising and useful for the club.
The English club has informed the Ventspils side of the financial conditions, but there is not much time for reflection, because the transfer window closes on January 31.

As you know, one of the owners of “FC Blackpool” is Latvian businessman Valērijs Belokoņs.

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