Rakels: "I Think This Season Was My Last In Latvia"
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Rakels: “I Think This Season Was My Last In Latvia”

The goal to become at least one of the most productive was before this season and the start of the championship only increased such confidence,” says Deniss Rakels, the best goal scorer of the Latvian football championship LMT Virslīga, Jēkabpils-born “Liepājas metalurgs” player Deniss Rakels.

It’s not what it was that I thought about it all season. But I am an attacker who has to try to play effectively.

How is the past season evaluated?
It seems to me that I played quite well. Not only can you score 18 goals. However, there is no joy about the season, because the club was not successful. We had the strongest lineup, but we couldn’t use it. We gave points to Jurmala, Daugava. We probably weren’t in the mood by the end. Skonto did not lose any easy points at all, so he won. There were times when judges also opposed us. As in the last game with “Skonto” Anufrijevs. After the game, remember the events and then think – how can you saw it! However, if they had played as they should, the referees would not have done anything. Themselves guilty of.

Has Abramchik already said goodbye to the players?
Not yet. Yes, I have heard that he will not train the team next year. Then he will most likely say goodbye to Thursday’s game in the Baltic League.

In Lithuania, Metalurgs lost …
Then I didn’t play because I was in the Latvian U-19 national team. We had a lot of moments, but we didn’t get hit. Definitely a win on Thursday. It would be something small or comforting.

You mentioned the U-19 favorite. How is the game evaluated in that tournament?
Feelings are divided. On the one hand, we played very well against teams such as Italy and Croatia. Italian football does not require comments and this was the case this time as well. But we were honored. Nine of the Croatian team are already playing in the top league clubs. We were short of five minutes to hold a tie and then be in the next round. This is also the biggest disappointment. We lacked experience, made stupid mistakes in defense and lost.

How do you rate your performance?
Also shared. I didn’t score, which is the main goal of the attacker. However, I did what I could. Well, we don’t have such strong defenders who often support the attack, there are no midfielders. Everything must be torn by the teeth. Take the ball from the center and break into the goal. This time it failed completely. But the team was good and happy.

How did the relationship with the second striker Artūrs Karašauskas develop?
Very good. We just called. He plays in a doubles team in Dnepropetrovsk. The lease will expire on December 1 and then you will see what happens next.

What are your thoughts on the future?
Most likely this is the last season in Latvia. I wish it was. My contract expires in December, I have not signed a new contract. There are offers. The most realistic of Russia. But it is also from elsewhere. I do not want to rush events.

Isn’t it a pity not being invited to the favorites?
So I’m not ready for that yet. I’ll start playing better, then call. I’m not sad about that.

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