Rudnev: "The Last Goal Against Juventus Is The Most Important In His Entire Career So Far"
- Rudnev

Rudnev: “The Last Goal Against Juventus Is The Most Important In His Entire Career So Far”

After the games of the European League with “Juventus”, Artyom Rudnev came to the attention of the whole of Europe. Four goals in two games is a reason to begin to believe – “Juve” is Rudnev’s “customers!”

When I moved to “Lech” I couldn’t even imagine that I would take part in games that will be remembered for a lifetime very soon, “says Artyom Rudnev.” I just went on the field and wanted to play as best I could.

What are the most important gates in your career?
I have scored four goals against “Juventus” and it is almost full of happiness. But even more glad that, thanks in large part to this goal, “Lech” got out of the group and entered the next round. It is the last goal against Juventus that I consider to be the most important in my career so far. At the same time, I would like to add that the whole team fought to the end in both games and these draws are the team’s merit.

How do you feel in such conditions – snow, cold?
The game conditions were very difficult. Especially in the second half, when the field deck will snow. The first half was even better and both teams could create a more thoughtful attacking game. but for me the cold will give a lot of distraction and I play with joy and even greater joy that everything worked out.

Many were surprised that you were replaced in the 60th minute.
The coach saw that a moment before one of the Italians had walked me in and I was stuck. Maybe that was the reason and the coach wanted to take care of me. Maybe there were some tactical intentions. The coach knows this better and he should also be asked this question.

There is already information that several Italian clubs have started to take an interest in you.
I don’t think about it at the moment. I am currently a Lesh player and I want to play Lech and its fans as well as possible.

Rudnev has one game left until the end of the year – next week against “Salzburg”, because the 16th round of the Polish Extra Class has been moved to spring.

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