Rachel: I Will Do My Best To Be The Best Footballer Possible
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Rachel: I Will Do My Best To Be The Best Footballer Possible

Rumors, pseudo-messages, chess-worthy marches from all sides were shrouded in a process, as a result of which Deniss Rakels, the most successful football player of the last Latvian championship, Jēkabpils football student, signed a contract with the Polish Extraclass club “Zaglebie”.

Your journey to the Lubin Club turned out to be quite a long one.
In January last year, we played in the Commonwealth Cup with “Liepājas metalurgs” and I was noticed by Kazan “Rubin”. They were already ready to sign a contract. Later there was interest from Ukraine, Greece, Denmark. Widzew Poland was also interested. But most specifically “Zaglebie.” I went for a medical examination a month ago, but then something started to work. That, too, happens. But now everything is over.

What was the reason – talked a lot. That the agents wanted the best possible interest from your contract, that your previous club still wanted the highest possible amount for the transfer, that the Poles stagnated?
I know that there was a slight delay in the transfer papers, but I do not know the nuances. It was arranged by other people, both on the one hand and on the other. I wanted to start training with the new club as soon as possible, but due to the delay I trained in Liepaja for some time. I ran more. But also wanted to work with the ball. Everyone always has their own interests in the negotiations. Sometimes everything goes slowly, but I’m glad that the contract is finally signed and I’m a Zaglebie player.

Information about your contract appeared on the club’s website before the contract was signed. It is said that in this way the Poles tried to scare other fans.
I find it difficult to comment on this because I do not know the facts. Yes, very recently the Lviv “Carpathians” showed interest, but then I had already decided in favor of “Zaglebie.” There will be all the opportunities to further improve and show the best I already know.

“Zaglebie” will already be waiting for you. It will be necessary to replace Ilians Mičanskis, who moved to the Bundesliga. There will be fan pressure. Isn’t that scary?
Will see how it will be. Difficulties do not scare. I hope all is well. I understand that it may be harder at first because it will be another level, but I’m not afraid of it. It is important to get into the team as soon as possible and better. The faster I adapt, the easier it will be to understand team tactics. The team is strong, the competition in the attack is serious. It’s good for the team to play. The guards also made a good impression. I will not foresee the future, but you can promise not to pity yourself in the square.

What languages ​​do you know? Will there be no problem getting on the team?
I speak Russian, Latvian. I understand English, but I speak little. The task now is to learn Polish as soon as possible. It is very important. I have already learned a few words in a week – “delicious”, “hello”, “thank you”. I’m a pole!

For me, the other nationality is recorded – the pole. However, I still don’t understand much, I still have to learn. It’s just a matter of time. The first step is to find a common language in the square as soon as possible. Football will help there, but the rest will come with time. Polish doesn’t seem difficult. There is a resemblance to the Russian. Sometimes when I speak Russian, Poles understand.

Have you ever heard that you have relatives in Poland?
True. My father’s cousin and some other relatives live near Warsaw. I’ll meet them already.

What do you know about Polish football?
Poland is a football country. The final of the European Championship will take place here. And I know there are very warlike fans. I have heard of the Wisla Ultras in Krakow. Now everyone in Latvia knows Poznan’s “Lech”. Now I’m getting to know Zaglebie. A team with tradition, twice Polish champions. Beautiful stadium, good fans. Glad to be able to play in a country where football is currently on the wave.

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