Latvian Chess Legend Janis Klovans Has Died
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Latvian Chess Legend Jānis Klovāns Has Died

Today, at the age of 75, the grandmaster of Latvian chess, grandmaster Jānis Klovāns (2436), died. He was called Dzelzs Jānis for his active and tireless lifestyle and longevity of chess.

Until recently, he actively trained his students (Cantan, Roguli, Ni, Meškov, etc.) and participated in various tournaments, mostly for seniors. Three times (1997, 1999, 2001) became the world champion in this category, last year he won the second place. He has become the Latvian champion nine times. It is not for nothing that he has been called Dzelzs Jānis in chessist circles!
Back in the spring, there were only two older and higher-ranked clowns in the world – Viktor Korchnoy (Switzerland) and Yevgeny Vasyukov (Russia). Clovan became an international champion in 1976, but was awarded the title of Grandmaster after his first victory at the World Senior Championships in Bad Wildbad (Germany).
The clown also participated in chess olympiads. In 1992, he spent two games in Manila as a second reserve and international champion, but in 2000 in Istanbul at the third year as a grandmaster already had 13 games. In 1999, as a member of the Latvian national team in Dresden, he won the first European senior team championship.

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