Basketball is our national wealth and should be treated as such. However, everyone followed events not for days or months, but for years. We had to start with the causes and not the consequences.
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The Head Should Be Cut, Not The Legs

Basketball is our national wealth and should be treated as such. However, everyone followed events not for days or months, but for years. We had to start with the causes and not the consequences. But now everything looks like such a uniform cleaning, because the beat is on the feet, not on the head. At the same time, for three years, there is no clarity about the work of LBS. No goals known, no plans seen. For three years, Kosta Jankov was hired for 300,000, who promised to arrange the entire basketball farm vertically and horizontally. Can anyone tell me what has been done in the meantime and for that money? Wouldn’t there be a job for Silver? LBS has more than 20 employees. But it is not clear who is doing what. They argued, argued about what the system of youth competitions should be, and in the end remained at the regional level, which was introduced 40 years ago by Tālivaldis Pētersons.
There is also no coaching council. Therefore, Trajkovic could be accepted without discussion. Okay, it was in his fat years, but he was given the opportunity to travel around Europe just to meet and meet new candidates. The local coach would not need such expenses, because he knows everyone very well.
Now Kemzoor. There is nothing against him personally. Maybe he even managed the training very well, but that’s not enough.
I mentioned it once. The top twelve of the team did not have all the best. Jahovičs had a hard time on the waterlogged pitch – his trademark technique was nowhere in sight today. Like Freimanis, which could still be written off at the expense of the future. But there were other new and promising ones.
Vītols was not ready for this final tournament – there were only 10 minutes on the field in three games.
Stalbergs played in the first match for 30 minutes, in the ora – 9 and only then the coaches realized that there is no real assistant, because he scored only 2 points. As if training games were not enough to draw conclusions.
Kalve was not on the field in the first game, 17 minutes in the second and 13 minutes in the third. Maybe that’s exactly what I missed against Russia to be more mature. But also scored only 2 points. Helman’s hat off for what he did, but I think he would be more useful this time as an assistant coach.
Here we see that Kemzur had mistakes in choosing the line-up, as well as in the management of the game. And third, it is the head coach who is responsible for the discipline. He needs to know the players well in order to be allowed or forbidden. But everyone knew for years what to expect. Suddenly nothing happens. If the coach was surrounded by a team – a total of 7 people, why such things were allowed. This shows that responsibilities were not divided, everyone was not given a clear task of what to do, what to be responsible for. I am not even talking about the 8-9 point problem. Bull or Schnep. The coach must be completely clear about this before the game, because the strategy and tactics of the game depend on it. Neither in this game nor in the coach team was able to control the situation.
Therefore, I believe that a foreign coach – it was a wrong choice. If once a Lithuanian wanted power, why not stop at the candidacy of Kazlauska, under whose leadership Greece won bronze? With the Storm and this lineup, the result would definitely have been better. But there are other candidates – Muižnieks, Valters, Galvanovskis, Endzelis …
Now there is no result, there are only speeches that took place in a hotel in Turkey and now there is a decision that most do not understand.
Walter and Skele have been disqualified for three and two years respectively. Wording – about attitude. Trajkovich deducted Slice for his attitude. It could be understood. The new coach may not include them in the list of candidates. About the attitude. At the same time, the main scapegoat Bērziņš receives a suspended sentence – one shook his finger, the other “cut off his head”. It is not for nothing that Estonians and Lithuanians are ironic about us. This is how we handle money – how much money has been invested in Valters, Skele, Bērziņš? And what’s the return? Decisions are not explained and understood. Also in relation to the Member, to Kambala. Feeling unprofessional. Not just now. Even when many facts were already known, but they were hidden and concealed. Until the house was on fire, everything was “fine”, but now a caesarean section is being made.
On the other hand, there is still no real discussion about who to be the national team coaches. There is complete silence around the women’s team, although in terms of potential it has a much better chance in the future. It is now heard that Kemzur’s response will be awaited until mid-October. Why not Storm. Why not any of us? There was no patriotism in the team, because it is difficult to expect it from a foreign coach.
The image of Latvian basketball has suffered. Many have a legitimate resentment for everything that happens. But there is still a lot of mystery around the union over C4k.
I am a coach myself and I know what to do in such situations, because I have been able to make the right decision. After such a failure in the European Championship, each other from the management of LBS should be so masculine and resign. That would only be fair to our basketball.

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